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Companion Animal Hospital is located at 7287 Commerce Street, Springfield, VA 22150.

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The veterinarian Dr. Villar got permission to euthanize my cat from someone other than the cat's owner.

All forms and documents relating to my cat at Companion Animal Hospital clearly list me as the owner. Dr. Villar euthanized my cat at the direction of my mother, who is not on paper anywhere as being the cat's owner. Now it is possible that when she spoke to my mom she thought she was speaking to me because we both go by Ms.

S., but again that shows great carelessness on her part for not making sure she had the correct "Ms. S". Because of Dr. Villar's carelessness my beloved cat is dead.

Not only that but even after they made this horrific mistake they are making me pay them $600. I am beyond outraged.

Monetary Loss: $600.

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Why are you mad at the doctor and not your *** mom who took YOUR cat to die?


You should be pissed at your mother not the vet. The vet provided the requested service. And at $600 that tells me something was wrong with your cat because that is more than euthanasia and body care.


That is so sad! Why would your mother want your cat euthanized?

As a big cat lover and owner of two beautiful boys, if that happened to them I would find big ways to ruin that vet's career, mistake or not, right after I destroyed my mom!

That is heartbreaking. As far as the bills go, oh I don't think so.

Warner, Oklahoma, United States #598775

Sorry for the loss of your cat, that really stinks!

I would think the vet made the awful mistake, they would

waive the outrageous bill you received.

Things like this are not good publicity for that vet

and word of mouth does travel fast, they should

take that into consideration.


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